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today fielding queendns htr montana e therilhe teer no dramatic outbursts. the president did get tough questions from people in the audience. steve handelsman has our report. >> reporter: with polls showing support dropping for his health care initiative, president obama took the lead himself at a town hall in montana. and took the heat. >> that's all we get is bull. you can't tell us how you are going to pay for this. the only way you are going to get that money is to raise our taxes. you said you wouldn't. >> you are absolutely right. that i can't cover another 46 had million people for free. let's assume it costs about $30 billion a year over ten years. we do have to come up with that money. when i was campaigning, i made a promise that i would not raise your taxes if you made $250,000 a year or less. that's what i said. but i said that for people like myself who make more than that, there's nothing wrong with me paying a little bit more in order to help people who got a little bit less. that was my commitment. >> reporter: backing the president's plans are some strange bedfellows,
fight for health care reform out west now as the president holds a town hall meeting today in montana and one tomorrow in colorado. it appears the president will face off with angry protesters and the first stop is planned in bozeman, montana. this meeting will folkous a provision to prevent insurance companies from dropping or limiting coverage for those who become seriously ill. >>> a picture is worth a thousand words but some say metro acted too quickly without the facts after this picture surfaced showing a metrobus driver on a cell phone while driving. the eunice kennedy shriver driver's union says the two-way radio was broken and the woman had to use the cell phone to call in a malfunction. the union denies the bus was actually moving. metro went confirm the radio issue and the driver is on paid leave. >>> judgment day in a crime spree that terrorized montgomery county for months. elderly women tied up, robbed and taxed inside their home. a judge sentenced jose garcia polara to life without parole followed by three consecutive life sentences. one of his victims died after the at
in a conservative suburb of montana. it's expected to draw angry protesters just like those who have disrupted town hall meetings held by members of congress. the president will focus on a provision of the healthcare plan that would prevent insurance companies from dropping or limit coverage for those who become seriously ill. >> he felt very satisfied with what happened in new hampshire. he was able to address concerns that people had. i think he was able to take on, as i said, the misconceptions that have been out there in the legislation. so i think, he feels like we have made progress. >> organizers say they expect a turn out of about 500 people. >>> stay tuned to fox 45 morning news for continuing coverage of president obama's town hall meeting. we will have the latest coming up in a live report from washington later this hour. >>> eunice kennedy shriver will be laid to rest today. an invitation only funeral mass is scheduled at a catholic church in massachusetts. vice president joe biden is expected to join the kennedy family and friends to bid a farewell. the sister of john ed kennedy and ed
... and tomorrow. that's our promise. that's ingredients for life. safeway. >> a restaurant in montana has a beef with president obama. when he comes to town tomorrow, ted's on tannin grill will offer a $10 bison burger to the customers there. this is spurred by the president's love of cheeseburgers. >>> let's find out what happened with the redskins. >> it was a newsworthy night. michael vick is back in the national football league. hey smart, how? well, funny you should ask. you see, after i book 10 nights, i get a free one. say i spend 2 nights at a big name hotel, 3 at a boutique, and 5 at a beach resort... and boom! free night. ( dings, monkey chatters ) ( in a baby voice ) aren't you a smart one? ( monkey laughs ) accumulate 10 nights and get a night free. welcomerewards from smart. so smart. >>> i am here in baltimore. did not read too much into this. the coaches got a chance to look at so many of the young players. baltimore beat washington in the first preseason game, 23-0. washington won the toss, and jason campbell completed his first two passes. he never got the offense an
passed even if it cost him a secon term. the president heads to montana today and colorado tomorrow for more town halls. meantime, a group of healthcare backers have now launched a $12 million tv ad campaign to answer the critics. and u.s. marines are gaining ground now for the battle for control of taliban-led towns in afghanistan. american and afghan troops have managed to take about half of the town, and u.s. aircraft are using missiles to attack militants. they want to secure that area ahead of next week's presidential election. >> a private funeral mass is set for today in hyannis, massachusetts, for eunice kennedy shriver. last night a prayer service was held in cape cod. shriver was the sister of the late president kennedy and the founder of the special olympics. shriver died tuesday at the age of 88. mourners praised her for her life of public service. >> she regarded the wealth she had, she'd been given t gift that she'd been given, her body. bfering her was appear asset that she was meant to use to help other people in the service of god. >> earlier in the day, hundreds of
. >>> back on the road for another town meeting, today president obama is heading to montana where he could run into more protesters. organizers expect about 500 people to show up. he's set to highlight the plan. >>> still ahead at noon, taking a live look outside, stay tuned, you're first warning weather forecast is 15 minutes away. here's a look at the day's my day stock. ??o >> for some reason i think this desk reminds him of the vet table. >> i think the lights are a little scary. >> i'm a genious, keep the mic off. that's good for me. >> come back. >> i have this wrapped around someone's leg. >> he's a friendly dog. he's scared to death on this table. want to find him a home. mr. basement believes we can make a difference for pets. >> quite a nice weekend. still warm, human, we -- humid, we're going to be above for the next few days around the 90 degrees range. the humidity level still pretty high. the win from the east at 6 miles per hour. 30.21 and rising is the reading. 77 in cumberland. 83 in ocean city. 70s around the immediate area. we're seeing again the temperatures cl
. >> i'm brooke hart in washington. president obama today heads to montana then colorado. il
west. to montana and colorado. last night in colorado at another townhall meeting on health care, critics were ready to pile on. >> to quote, someone, i think some of the leaders have acted stupidly. >> now, the white house also had to acknowledge that the president misspoke at his own townhall meeting, when he said that the aarp backed the plan working the way through congress. at this point, they do not. >> in washington, doug lou sader. fox news. >> why are so many of the townhall meetings getting out of hand? even though they are designed to discuss health care reform many people are using them to vent anger about other issues. experts say they are drawing people that are proud to be americans but not proud of their government. >> i think what they are react to in part is, what is happening over the past year or so, watched while the government bailed out banks and other financial institutions, when they subsidize the industry with billons of dollars. and although many economists and newspaper columnists tell us this is bringing about an end to the recession, they have not se
on the gridiron from the joe montanas to the reggie whites. come january you have an opportunity to see those great players get their name called to be enshrined into the pro football hall of fame. we now look back on 10 years of ozzie newsom as he reflects on his induction into pro football's hall of fame. >> started out playing football in junior high, you just want to be on the team, you know, and you get lucky enough it play at a very good high school, and i only played in like four losing games in my three years of high school ball. and win a state championship. and lucky enough, because i don't know if my parents would have been able to pay for me to go to college. i get a scholarship and i play at the university of alabama and play in the orange bowl and the sugar bowl, and then to come in to cleveland, to have your position changed, to have three shots at going to the super bowl and get to the hall of fame. what everybody throughout your whole walk of life can be right there with you to enjoy it all, it's a very, very special thing. and the lead in to the hall of fame is, after your f
, . >> president obama hits the road trying to sell health care reform. townhall meeting in montana this afternoon was much calmer than most. but the president denounced the focus on angry protestors at townhall meetings saying television loves the raucous. president spoke for about 30 minutes before taking questions. >> what we need to do is come up with a uniquely american way of providing care. so i am not in favor of canadian system. i am not in favor of a british system. or a french system. >> the president has another townhall meeting tomorrow in colorado. >> undoubtly many u.s. lawmakers cannot wait for the recess to end. because town halls are tougher than the comfortable confines of the u.s. capital where reckless spending has become sport. we continue with political pulse with former maryland governor robert ehrlich. >> cardin is popular, been around forever, right, house of delegates. house of representatives. and what he saw the other night is probably surprising to him. because these are not wackos or cooks, right wing. regular folks turning out. now clearly there is a certain aspect
health care reform package. town hall meeting in montana was held this afternoon. it was much calmer than most. but the president denounced the media folk us on angry protestors at town hall meeting nationwide say tv loves ruckus. president spoke for about 30 minutes before taking questions. >> what we need to do is come up with a uniquely american way of providing care. so i'm not in favor of canadian system. i'm not in favor of british system or french system. >>reporter: president obama has another town hall meeting scheduled for tomorrow in the state of colorado. >>> mean time senator ben card town hall meeting on wednesday drew a lively crowd and one woman sent home in tears. jeff explains why. >>reporter: lori has spent 21 years living with hepatitis c and struggling to pay for treatment. so on wednesday she traveled to hagerstown and waited almost 3 hours for a coveted seat at senator card up to hall meeting. she was determined to ask the senator how the proposed health care reform measures would affect her. the senator closed the hour long meeting before she and many
in montana. brooke hart has the latest. >> reporter: president obama heads west today on a health care reform rescue mission. >> fascist pig. >> let the record show the man left on his own. >> reporter: after a week of town hall flare-ups, one poll shows his efforts in troubling. >> rationing happens now. >> reporter: 34% of americans tell "usa today" they're now more sympathetic to protesters. 21% say less so. newt gingrich wants more town halls. protesters claim the president is pushing everything from abortion to euthanasia in his reform plan. >> one of the reasons we've pushed back is because of those misconceptions. >> reporter: starting today, a coalition of reform allies raises the stakes in a new ad. >> what does health insurance reform really mean? >> reporter: the ads paid for by drugmakers, the biggest doctor and hospital groups in the country, teaming up with a major union to back the president. >> it means you can't be denied coverage for a pre-existing condition or dropped if you get sick. it means putting health care decisions in the hands of you and your doct. >> reporter: the
obama is in montana today as he continues to try to sell his health insurance reform plan. hundreds of people came out to hear the president speak in montana. he talked about the difficulty of people being tried to buy health care insurance companies because of pre-existing conditions and when they become seriously ill. the president says that his plan will put a stop to that. we are held hostage at any given moment. >> those that charge fees that people cannot afford at a time when they desperately need care. >> the president also predicted that health insurance reform will be passed this year. a landmark government study cited tens of thousands of deaths from medical errors and a investigation found low or no progress since then. the barack obama administration wants to make that a priority. this is part 2 of our series on deadly medical mistakes. >> president barack obama took office promising reforms in health care including patient safety. six months later, the new white house health czar says that the program as making progress. >> nearly $20 billion of stimulus money to kicks
. >> reporter: while montana voted for president obama rival in the last election, and usually casts a wary eye toward washington, we were hard- pressed to find any ticket holders who didn't support a healthcare overhaul. >> i trust the government far more than i trust private insurance companies. >> tickets for this town hall were distributed on a first come, first served basis. most of the shouting was relegated far away from this hangar outside of the airport. >> what do we want? >> healthcare. >> when do we want it? >> now. >> they staked out ground nearby. >> no one knows what is on the bill, actually. but they're already opposed. >> reporter: many hope the president can better explain what it is in the legislation and redirect the debate. >> this whole conferring has devolved into a bitter argument. and i think we need to step back and say, we're very sure about what we disagree on. what do we agree on? >> reporter: president obama will face a new town hall crowd in colorado tomorrow. in belgrade, montana, manuel gallegus, wjz eyewitness news. >> eyewitness news has been asking you to e-m
's out west today and pushing his plan for health care rerm. he held a town hall meeting in montana this afternoon and will hold another one in colorado tomorrow. >> the reform debate has sparked noisy exchanges between supporters and opponents. "meet the press" moderator david gregory joins us now with more and a preview of "meet the press" this sunday morning. we have all seen these anyry outbursts. are they having an impact? >> they are having an impact on the debate. the white house feels the need to hit back to try to win the argument on some of these points to push back against the things clearly not true. you know, lot of the talk about the death panel this week and so forth not part of the bill. one of the things that may be in trouble here is the idea of bipartisanship on this issue. i think democrats and some i talked to today are getting closer to a point where they say let's just get this done with the democratic vote. one of the reasons you saw the president ou west, he's also trying to stiffen the spine of some of those more conservative democrats whom he needs. >> is
reform sales pitch to montana. he'll host a town hall meeting there. these meetings have turned heated with people on both sides of the issue speaking their minds. samantha hayes has the latest. >> reporter: the questions and concerns from constituents keep coming in town hall meetings across the country n. sea caucus, new jersey. >> i'm covered and i want to -- the system is fatally broken and needs to be fixed. >> after all the rhetoric does congress intend to pass health care reform and if so how do you to pay for it, even if you have to have a tax increase. >> i would intend to pass a health care reform bill but i would intend to pay completely opposite of what is coming through right now. >> reporter: public meetings on health care form hosted by members of congress have revealed skepticism among many voter and raised political stakes. the president who defended reform on tuesday in new hampshire is heading out to do the same thing again. >> you feel satisfied with what happened in new hampshire. he was able to address concerns that people had. i think he was able to take on, as i
bladensburg road and the traffic circle of west virginia, montana avenues because of a building fire. everybody's being turned around right now. it does appear some traffic may be getting by the service roadway, but again, inbound and outbound new york avenue between west virginia, montana and bladensburg road close because of a building fire. you can see some of the fire there. elsewhere let you know things a little hazy through the mid-august muck as you take a look at the wilson bridge, but the good news is traffic is moving along nicely. joe, back to you. >> a lot of haze. thanks very much, jerry. >>> time is now 6:43, 73 degrees. >>> the big screen tv on sale for $10, but there's a big but. >> i can imagine. d.c. mayor adrian fenty is here for "connecting with the mayor." i'm going to ask you about whether the district is ready for the start of school and whether the district is making a push to bring the >>> our time 6:. we're connecting you with the mayor, as always, at this time every thursday i'm here with d.c. mayor adrian fenty. welcome. >> thanks for having me. >> great t
is a pop star living a double life. ♪ ♪ there's always. >> we have the sneak peek at the hanna montana movie coming up in the low down. >>> and next, cal ripken world series kicks off. how the event is affecting the fresh...fresh...fresh. really fresh. come into your local giant today for mouthwatering fruits and vegetables, all at prices you can handle. like orchard perfect peaches and nectarines, just 99 cents a pound. this week only at giant. you know, it's not the grill that makes a delicious, tender, perfect piece of steak. [ crowd gasps ] it's the steak. enjoy quality selections from the butchers at giant, like top round london broil just $1.99 a pound. this week only at giant. >>> hundreds of baseball players are in aber den in aberdeen. and it's a home run for the local economy. >> reporter: baseball is in full swing in aberdeen. now that the young boys are back in town. >> it's about the kids, really. >> reporter: the 10th annual cal ripken world series kicked off this weekend at the ripken academy bringing young players from all over the world, from mexico to missouri. >> i
have a close look at that and where it's going coming up in a bit. >>> montana learns life lesson. father making sure she does not get too full of her fame next in our low down. >> if you work hard from the bottom up, you will last and you will be around for a very long time. >>reporter: mary blige taking over for paula. not for good. w >> famous teen star takes on the oldest family in tv this week. kandace looks at the latest dvd release starting with hanna's movie in tonight's low down. >> screaming fan. >>reporter: alter-ego hanna living on cloud 9. hit song are all the teeny boper think about but when her father notices her ego is getting a little too large, he brings her home to tennessee. when she hangs up her wig, she learns real life has just as many twist and turn as any movie script. keep your eye peeled for other country star like taylor swift and ralph in the film. in tv news, fx has the regular series including the latest gun of an arcy. pick up season 1 tomorrow. >> finally make sure the net is tight and springy. >>reporter: and they just sign on to whole n
holding a town hall meeting in montana. he told the crowd his plan will keep insurance companies from dropping congress for whose who get sick and also acknowledged the wild reaction at other town hall meetings saying tv lovers a ruckus. the president will continue his push tomorrow in colorado. >>> a deadly hit-and-run driver is still on the streets tonight. maureen umeh is everywhere at 11:00. >> brian, a small blue or black car hit and killed a man crossing suitland parkway in southeast early this morning. 61-year-old curtis general was in the crosswalk when he was hit. investigators believe the car has extensive damage to the front end and the windshield. they're hoping cameras mounted near that intersection captured pictures of it and its license plate. >>> one of the biggest lenders in real estate development shut down by regulators. the fdic has been appointed receiver of colonial bank incorporated. the 346 branches will reopen tomorrow under a new name. >>> concerns over the cash for clunkers program. many dealerships dlaim they've only received a -- claim they've only receive
spirited. president obama will hold two more of those town halls this week in colorado and montana. >> as we have been seeing over the last few days a lot of misinformation out there. several different versions of the reform bill are out there and not all the bills contain the same provisions. tonight we break some of it down for you. >> i guarantee you i will be one of them that will be thrown away. >> reporter: frustration was evident among democratic lawmakers holding the session. >> people putting out information that is totally false. >> reporter: separating fact from fix isn't easy. four different versions have been approved by congressional committees. we searched for answers on three drafts available. on abortion. >> what is the position on tax funded abortions which will increase the death of preborn infants by 30%. >> would the government pay for abortion? that is unclear. two of the bills don't address that question at all. one version requires that one health plan in each region cover the procedure. on illegal immigrants. >> illegal aliens will not be in this bill at th
. the president heads to montana today. here o separate fact from fiction in this issue is lori robertson, managing editor at fact thank you for being here today. >> thank you. >> we have a couple of hot topics and have you separate fact from fiction. the first is the idea of youth euthanasia and palin put out the word this week that contains death panel. what is the story there? >> it's nonsense. and it sounds like something you might find in a science fiction movie but not this piece of legislation. and the truth of the matter is there is a provision in the house that calls for medicare to pay for voluntary counseling sessions between seniors and doctor on end of life care. and it's a counseling session that would cover things like a living will, hospice care, do you want to designate a health care proxy. tough decisions certainly, but things would prefer to make before they get too sick. >> but euthanasia not true. >> no. >> and the president promises that your health care will be paid for. >> well not yet, it isn't. well the health care bill would be paid for and he keeps p
. out bound laborers remain closed between virginia, montana. before the lane drop here at van dorn, a stalled tractor- trailer, off the road to the the wilson bridge, inner loop runs without incident ae bridge interchange. southbound 270, an accident after the truck scales. left lane is blocked at this point. delays beginning well before hyattstown leaving route 80 down toward the scene. 355 could work well as an if alternate for you. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. >>> still ahead on fox 5 morning news, we're learning more about the upcoming memoir written by former vice president dick cheney. >> we'll find out what he's saying about an alleged i between himself and george bush aheff. >>> and when you book a flight, the new requirements when we come back. >>> we're taking a trip back to 196. it's been four years since woodstock and we're going to experience it all over again.  >>> he is convicted of bombing a pan am flight over scotland more than 20 years ago. but sky news is reporting that the former libby an intelligent agent may be released from jail now due to
said you wouldn't. >>reporter: the president in montana friday as part of his weekend tour through the west. he's trying to assure americans he will not raise taxes on the middle class to pay for health care reform. >> i made a promise that i would not raise your taxes if you made hundred 50 thousand dollars a year or less. that's what i said. i said that for people like myself, who make more than that, there's nothing wrong with me paying a little more in order to help people who got a little bit less. that's what my commitment is. >>reporter: a larger theme is mistrust of big government solutions. republicans have seized on that message. >> unfortunately, the path we are taking in washington right now is to simply spend another $1 trillion of taxpayer money to further expand the role of the federal government. reporter: president obama plans regular town halls throughout august. in washington, fox news. >>> to see more from president obama's town hall meetings, go to and click on "raw news." >>> one concern is the overwhelming amount of red tape. it's mor
. >> 50 cents at a parking meter. new concept for willard. >> i actually moved here from montana and we are not used to having to pay anything to park. >> so imagine his surprise to learn that on street parking could go up to $3 an hour. >> oh, wow! that's crazy. >> baltimore city parking authority proposed rate increase would affect most of downtown. including the inner harbour. metered parking would go from $1 an hour to $2 an hour initially. with the approval to go up to $3 an hour. in the mount vernon and fell's point area. >> that's totally ridiculous. >> rip off. if it is $3 an hour, park in a parking lot where you can pay, at least they watch the vehicle. >> parking officials say the rate hike is not about creating a new revenue source. >> it is about good parking management. >> it is about the problems created by cheap street parking. mainly people that continuously feed the short-term parking meters to park all day long. >> it can kill business if people cannot find a convenient place to park in front of the businesses. that's why it is important. people that are parking all da
meeting in montana on friday. then another in colorado on saturday. >> reporter: he'll have his work cut out for him. opponents show no sign of backing down. some are being escorted out of town halls. one group in ohio brought a photo of the president, altered to make him look like adolph adolf hitler. lawmakers there confronting are trying their best to keep the dialogue going. >> i'm just telling you, you have to deal with your fear. >> reporter: but the white house knows they'll have to deal with opointents -- opponents' fears if they want to get back on track. >> are you for or against the president's healthcare bill? wjz would like to know what you think about the plan. e-mail us your thoughts to or click on the link at the top of the home page. >>> a school band director in howard county is sentenced for molesting a student. robert johnston taught at mount hebron school for 35 years before his arrest in december. he pleaded guilty. and sentenced to nine years in jail, with all but 18 months suspended. >>> investigators looking into the fatal metro crash
helping the american people. >> reporter: while montana voted for president obama's rival in the last election, and usually casts a wary eye towards washington, we were hard-pressed to find any ticket holders who didn't support a healthcare overhaul. >> i trust the government far more than i trust private insurance companies. >> tickets for this town hall were distributed on a first come, first served basis. most of the shouting was relegated far away from this hangar. outside of the airport. >> when do we want -- what do we want? >> healthcare. >> when do we want it? >> now. >> no one knows what's on the bill, actually. >> reporter: many hope the president can better explain what is in the legislation. and redirect the tone of the debate. >> this whole conversation has dissolved into a bitter argument. and i think we need to step back and say, okay, we're very shear sure about what -- sure about what we disagree on. what do we agree on? >> reporter: president obama will face a new town hall meeting in belgrade. >>> healthcare is a hot topic. and americans have plenty of opinions. we
support. he heads to montana tomorrow. >>> the remains of navy pilot are back in florida. captain spiker's hornet was shot down on the first night of the gulf war in 1991. his remains were just recovered. his casket arrived this afternoon. tomorrow it will be driven by location associated with spiker's life. he will be buried at jacksonville memory garden in a private ceremony. >>> mourners are paying their final respects to eunice kennedy shriver today. thousands are expected to attend today's public wake at a church in cape cod. the founder of the special olympics passed away on tuesday at the age of 88. allison joins us now from centerville, massachusetts with more on the story. allison. >> reporter: so many people have been here visiting today. among the visitors, of course, clergy and members of eunice kennedy shriver's family. and many people from the special olympics, athletes who explain w kennedy shriver changed their lives. >> there is so much idealism in my family and eunice's life is such an example of the best of our country. >> friends and family today remember eunice ke
a future. president barack obama taking the health care battle to montana today. he told the crowd americans are being held hostage by health insurance companies that deny coverage based on pre-existing conditions or cancel coverage when people get sick. the. also acknowledged the angry crowds that lawmakers have encountered at other town halls. >> tv loves a ruckus. what you haven't seen on tv and what makes me proud are the many constructive meetings going on all over the country. >> president obama is trying to regain momentum for his health care agenda. he'll continue his push tomorrow in grand junction, colorado. >>> maryland state officials are coming up with a plan to tackle the swine flu and it includes discounted and even free vaccines for millions of people. officials say the first shots will be given to tose deemed the most vulnerable by the cdc. that's pregnant women, health care workers, children and people with chronic health proble. after that the remaining three million residents will be offered vaccinations for a tee between $20 and $20 -- $so and 20 but no one wil
to colorado and montana. >>> surgery today for connecticut senator chris dodd to remove a cancerous prostrate. a spokesman at the memorial slone kettering cancer center in new york said the surgery was successful and the senator is comfortable tonight. the senator is expected to stay in the hospital for a few days and then return home to connecticut. >>> aspirin appears to fight colon cancer, that according to a new study published in the journal of the american medical association. colon cancer patients reduced their risk of dying from the disease by almost 30% but so far there isn't enough evidence to suggest that aspirin alone can help keep fru getting colon cancer. >>> cash for clunkers turning into a gold mine for dealers ut is the gravy train about to run out? >>> plurks quite a scene at one drive -- plus, quite a scene at one drive-thru where the victim manages to turn the tables. >>> one neighbor trying to make a few bucks by holding a yard sale but there's just one problem. items for sale swiped from a home just down the street.  ♪ ♪ tell me who's watching. (anno♪ i as fee
to montana tomorrow to take his message there. a new coalition of drug manufacturers, union, hospitals and other medical groups launched an ad campaign today. a protester at the town hall in hagerstown yesterday wound up investigation by the secret service because of a sign he held up. let me be clear here. we are just quoting the sign. it said "death to obama and death to michele and her two stupid kids." again that's what the sign said. we're just quoting it here. the unidentified 51-year-old man was detained by washington county police who then handed him over to the secret service. so far no charges have been filed. >>> the mayor of d.c. telling fox 5 he'll take the fight over security check points as far as he can. you may remember the crime crackdown last year, police used -- police officers right there used barricades to crack down on people coming and going from trinidad trying to keep dads on just who exactly was coming into the neighborhood last month. that was ruled unconstitutional. city attorneys are asking the federal appeals court that issued that ruling to reconsider an
there in person and to the country. holding a town hall meeting in montana on friday and then another one in colorado on saturday. >>> he will have his work cut out for him. they show no sign of backing down. >>> they are being escorted out there. they altered them to make it look like hitler. the lawmakers there, confronting or trying their best to keep the dialogue going. >> they said that they have all been reported to my colleagues in washington and what the temperature is out there. that is about 213fahrenheits. >> but they will need cooler heads to prevail if they want the healthcare reforms back on track. joel brown, cbs news, the white house. >>> authorities say that a man arrested at yesterday's healthcare town home meeting held by the maryland senator, ben carden. he's now in the custody of the secret service. the washington county sheriff's office says that unidentifies the 51-year-old holding a sign that says death to obama. >>> a somber salute to honor a navy pilot long gone, but never forgetten. the remains of michael scott have been returned to his florida home 18 years aft
meeting tomorrow in montana. yesterday, in washington county, maryland, plenty of heated rhetoric at a meeting hosted by senator ben cardin. >> i am not going to vote for any bill that adds to the national deficit. >> you already have. >> with usurping authority is not granted by you as a united states senator. >> reporter: 400 people attended the meeting in hagerstown and 500 were kept waiting outside. >>> things aren't much easier for republicans. iowa senator charles grassley held a town hall on health care yesterday, four of them in fact he has been accused by some on the right for selling out to democrats as well as accusations from the left that he is blocking reform movement. >>> these days daily health care town hall meetings are turning in to shouting matches for people on bod sides of the aisle. we look at the actions being done the meetings. when it comes to booing members of congress, 44% of people call it democracy in action and 47% say it is an abuse of democracy. as far as shouting down people with opposing viewpoints, 33% called it democracy in action but 59% say i
in montana. here at home, the passion of people on both sides remains heated as witnesses at a town hall meeting in salisbury, maryland. >> why on earth are you producing a health care bill that has so many pages in it and such complex wording that we can't understand it and we, quite frankly, don't trust you all to be honest with us. >> that was one woman's opinion at the meeting led by senator ben cardin. he called it democracy in action. >> i believe this is part of the political process. i think the best way we are going to get results in washington to hear your views. i learn from these exchanges. i get helpful information to me. >> reporter: so many people are weighing in on-line the it department for congress is warning servers may be slowed down by the rush of incoming e- mails. an air traffic controller and a supervisor are suspended following last week's deadly midair collision in new york city. the federal aviation administration says the controller was talking on the phone when a small plane collided with a helicopter. the investigators say the supervisor was out of the build
at his town hall in montana. more importantly, they like to see congressional democrats learn from senator claire mccaskill, who we saw here on the "today" show yesterday. >> chalk todd at the white house. as always, thank you very much. >> and let's get a check of the rest of the top stories. ann is on assignment so hoda kotb is filling in at the news desk. >> good morning, everybody. a wildfire in northern california has forced hundreds of peoplof from their homes in santa cruz county. that fire has burned more than 1,000 acres and is threatening some 250 homes. >>> in afghanistan, the taliban is being blamed today for roadside bombings that killed at least 14 civilians, including three children. meantime, it is the second day of a major marine operation against the taliban. today marines helped a family flee to safety after their home was caught in the cross fire. u.s. troops are trying to break the liban' grip on the area in advance of next week's presidential election. >>> former vice president dick cheney reportedly believes former president bush stopped taking his advice dur
on health care in montana today, and colorado tomorrow. in montana it's in a very conservative part of the state. and meantime today his plan gets a boost from a group of drugmakers, doctors and hospitals which is starting to run ads supporting the health care initiative. the faa says an air traffic controller was on a personal phoncall during last weekend's midair collision over new york. it says the call probably had no bearing on the crash, but both the controller and his supervisor, who was outside of the building, are now suspended. >>> and there is new and disturbing video of that crash. nbc news has obtained these exclusive images which show the moment of impact when the plane and the helicopter collided, killing nine people. investigators will be analyzing this case to see what can be learned. reinforcements on the ground and in the air are expected today in northern california, where a wildfire has forced 2000 people from their homes. higher humidity and lighter winds should help the situation. >>> taiwan's president did raised the death toll from a devastating typhoon to a
for friday, in montana and colorado. >>> some politians say this healthcare decision is one that will impact generations and it affects everyone. that must why everyone seems to have an upon. joel d smith is live. is at fells point where everybody is talking healthcare. >> reporter: good morning, patrice. people are starting to show up here and healthcare is the discussion of the day. you saw that happening with arlin specter. it was the topic of the day and it's starting to hit the papers. it was the topic outside of kratovil's office. that is where people were lined up and they were not happy, even though the congress was not there. no town hall meeting, nothing else, it was just them with their signs and their anger. they asked the drivers to join in as well. the kratovil staff says that the congressman is out of the country and on official business. they say it's their business and they will keep it all there until it's all resolved. >> the federal government cannot handle medicare, they cannot handle social security. what makes them think they can now start handling the healthcare. >>
or triple in price. >> i just moved here from montana and we're not even used to having to pay anything to park. >> reporter: $0.50 at a parking meter, not something he is accustomed to. but he is adjust at charm city. sometimes that means adjusting your wallet. based on proposed legislation, street parking could go up to $3 an hour. >> that is crazy. >> reporter: rate increases would affect most of downtown including the inner harbor. meter parking would go from $1 an hour to $2 an hour, with approval to go to $3 an hour in the mown vernon and fells point area. >> i think that is a rip off. if it's $3 an hour. you should park at one of these parking places, at least they watch your vehicle. >> it's about good parking management, really. >> reporter: it' they claim is a way to stop cheap street parking, you know people who feed the short-term parking meters and park all day long; the consequence? >> it can kill business if people don't find a convenient place to find in front of businesses. those who are parking all day long, should be parking in off street garages. >> reporter: th
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